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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions. Please use the arrows on the right to scroll down.


Q: What exactly is "retouching?"


A: Retouching can mean several things, but basically it means polishing and cleaning up your images. If you have a blemish on your face the day of your shoot, the blemish can be removed in post processing. Or, if you want to look a bit more rested, you can request that dark circles be removed from you photos. Brightening your smile, the whites of your eyes, or removing anything in the image that distracts the eye from the subject of the image are all considered "retouching" (i.e. debris on the beach).


Retouching can also mean enhancing a photo by adjusting certain areas to give a photo that finished look. Adding a pop of saturation, an edge vingette, or increasing contrast in certain areas of a photo can all help to improve the overall look of an image.


Q: Will all of the images from a wedding be retouched?


A: No, images from a wedding will only be cropped and color balanced due to the tremendous amount of time that can go into retouching. For instance, a 2.5 hour wedding yields about 400 photos! Retouching can take up to 30 mintues per image, depending on the complexity of the request. However, you can add retouching to your photos for an additional fee.


Q: What is color balancing?


A: There are times during a session when the quality of light can change very quickly. Changes in quality of light can cause an image to have an orange, blue, or even red hue to skin tones. Low light conditions can cause images to appear orange. Although I use flash to shoot indoors, sometimes the light is just not adequate! Color balancing is part of post processing and allows for colors to be corrected and for skin tones to look natural. Until I can afford my own studio and I have total control over the light, color balancing is required for most images.


Q: What is cropping?


A: Many times, especially when working quickly to capture that special moment during your session, images may have extra space around the subject. Often times, an image looks better when some of the surroundings are trimmed off in post process. Trimming off part of an image is referred to as "cropping." Cropping can trim an image to a desired size (i.e. 11 x 14). When cropping an image that was originally a 5 x 7 to an 8 x 10, some of the image is lost because the proportions are different.


The crop of an image can also change the viewing angle. Images cropped at different angles can add interest!


Q: What is copyright release of images?


A: When you purchase a package that includes a CD of images (retouched or not), you will be granted the right to use the photos however you see fit. You may use them to make photographic prints at the lab or printer your choice, share them on the web, use them in advertising, or to make cards, annoucements, etc. I also may use the photos in any way that I deem appropriate, unless otherwise stated in a contractual agreement.


Q: What should we wear?


A: This is really up to you and your personal style! However, I can make a few recommendations. Bright colors can be a lot of fun, especially on the beach. It is not necessary for everyone to be dressed identically, but think more along the lines of a consistent color theme. For example, you could put your little one in a red and white striped shirt, dad in a solid red top and mom in a white dress with red heels! If you don't like that idea, go for whatever clothing makes you feel good! Themed sessions can also be fun (i.e. bring items that say something about your personality and who you are!).


Q: What should I bring?


A: If you would like to have a classic portrait, all you need to bring is yourself, a hair brush, maybe some lipstick, or anything else you may need to "touch yourself up."


However, props can make a session fun and can also say something about who you are. If you cheer for the Yankees and baseball is a huge part of your life, why not include your prized Yankees apparel, glove, or baseball? Or, if you want to be playful, introduce a colorful parasol, balloons, baskets, hats, ice cream, cake, etc. for your baby or children!


Or, if you are expecting a baby, bring something that tells people what the gender is! Maybe you want to reveal the name or have seen another idea somewhere online. I want you to love you photos and welcome any ideas for props. High school seniors may want to consider their interests. Are you a guitar player, a dancer, soccer star, or baseball fan? Or maybe you are an equestrian....let's meet at the stable!


If you are scheduling an individual session, or a session that lasts a little bit longer, you may want to bring a second outfit and change clothes half way through the session.


Q: What time of day should I schedule my session for?


A: Beautiful lighting (outdoors) can be achieved in the early morning (if you are an early bird like I am!) or in the late afternoon. If you have a location in mind that provides lots of shade, you can shoot any time of day! Think about your family and what works best for you (are the kids more cooperative in the morning or afternoon?). You want to be happy at your session, not feeling stressed and rushed! Also, if you have a specific location in mind, make sure that you check the hours or think about when the spot is less crowded. If you have a nice yard, that is always a great place to shoot because the kids are comfortable in their environment and we want them to be happy campers!



Information about newborn sessions


Planning a newborn session can be unpredicatable! You never know just when they will arrive (unless you have it scheduled) and when they do arrive, they are not on any type of schedule whatsoever. Please contact me about a month before you are due so that I can plan to make time in my schedule for you. Also, contact me as soon as the baby arrives!


Newborn sessions should be photographed within the first 7-10 days of life. Babies are still quite sleepy during that period and can be easily moved around and positioned or dressed up. Moms should think about having someone with them to help, since you will be exhausted. If you would like to be in photos with your baby, please let me know ahead of time. Also, feel free to bring up to 3 immediate family members to your session. If you are coming to the studio, you may want your family to drive separately if the session is focused on the baby. My studio space is located in my home.


Also, in order to keep baby warm (if you want naked shots), the air conditioning will need to be turned up a bit and a space heater may be used. Dress yourself in light clothing and if you want to be in any photos, be sure to wear something nice. Be prepared for baby to have a pee or poop during the happens. Have lots of diapers on hand and I will prepare for these situations as well. Let me know if you are nursing and I will have a private area for you to nurse if baby needs to be fed during the session....feedings and diaper changes are why sessions last up to three hours, so please expect them to happen.


I love props with newborns! Special items can be ordered ahead of time if you have a theme in mind (I can refer someone who makes precious crocheted items!). Also, think about hats, head bands, baskets, blankets, or other items that you might want to use! I have baskets, blankets, headbands, hats and wraps that I use on newborns, but if you see something you love on Pinterest or another website, order it ahead of time and bring it to your session.